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About Us: ShangriLoan's Origins & The People Who Make it Possible

"ShangriLoan" is a play on words.

It quite transparently derives from the mythical "Shangri-La", a secret utopia secluded from the rest of the world. A heaven on earth, in simple terms.

As anyone who's been involved in the lending industry for any length of time can attest (as well as most borrowers), the process of getting a mortgage these days is anything but utopic.

In fact, for the majority of hard-working families who just need an honest mortgage for a place to call home - it's more like trying to navigate through hell without a map.

And it doesn't help that the mortgage industry is muddled with confusing "legalese", or that the offers are often complex by design so as to conceal the bank's true intent, which takes little imagination to interpret.

Not to mention - getting a loan these days is truly difficult - even for the "A-type" consumers with good credit and verified income.

The bottom line is that most consumers are literally the victims of ignorance, and it's not necessarily their fault - even so, the consequences of ignorance can be very, very costly.

• • •

A Slice of Utopia in the Hellish World of Lending

The main problems that we see in the lending market at large boil down to two simple issues:

1. People Don't Understand Mortgages, and
2. People Don't Know That They Have Multiple Options

Quite simply, these two issues are the core focus of our entire operation, and form the basis of everything we do in this space.

ShangriLoan was created so as to effectively educate consumers, business owners, homeowners and likewise about the realities, consequences and "the math" when it comes to some of the most substantial financial decisions in their lives - as well as to make it as easy as possible for folks to leverage their options.

For this reason, our online presence provides compelling, informative educational material, in addition to our lender-matching service for borrowers.

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Accomplishing Great Things By Aiming "Low"

Many lenders completely ignore consumers and businesses that might not have the best credit rating or equity situation - which can quite legitimately happen for valid, unavoidable events which don't fairly represent the borrower.

And it's their loss.

Not always, but often - some of the most profitable lending deals that are simultaneously life-changing for the borrower are so-called "bad credit" deals or private loans, so long as the lender and borrower define a very clear exit plan.

This is why we didn't want to exclusively target the "good credit" borrower profile. Now, obviously, we cater to the A-type borrower as well (with a good income and solid credit), connecting them with professional brokers who are happy to find competitive rates.

But we also wanted to provide borrowers who simply need a chance with a connection to professional brokers who are willing to work with them and put together a fair solution to get them back on their feet again.

It takes a lot more involvement on our end to hook up these channels, but the end result is that ShangriLoan isn't just another "lead generation" site. The internet's full of those, and we didn't aspire to be "one more site".

Instead, we aspired to be a place where almost anybody can find a solution that truly works for them - even if their financial history isn't particularly rosey.

• • •

The ShangriLoan Team

ShangriLoan Ventures, LTD is comprised of a few key individuals, along with a very talented group of independant writers, guest authors, programmers and consultants.

Key Personnel:

Chris Rempel | Marketing Director

Chris brings an advanced level of expertise to the Shangri-Loan operation in terms of optimizing marketing processes, mass-scaling, opt-in list management and effective, long-term organic traffic strategies.

Chris has built an impressive network of search-driven websites (mostly monetized by affiliate programs) as part of his online publishing “empire”, in markets ranging from currency trading to foreclosure investments to merchant accounts, etc.

He also runs a newsletter in the affiliate industry with over 40,000 subscribers and roughly 20,000 customers.

Michelle Monahan-Brar | Comptroller

Michelle is a CGA, and acts as the comptroller for ShangiLoan. Michelle has been a CGA for approximately 10 years, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience which will help to ensure that ShangriLoan is run in a sound and fiscally prudent manner.

Kam Brar | Industry Liaison

Being a licensed mortgage broker and having been involved in lending in one form or another over the past 10 years, Kam has a good understanding both of the mortgage industry specifically and lending in general.

His role with ShangriLoan is that of a consultant and mortgage industry liaison, he is there to assist in helping define and measure outcomes and expectations of ShangriLoan's advertisers. Furthermore he is there to ensure that "best practices" are both followed and met. In addition, Kam will also help to field any direct inquires and questions of ShangiLoan's advertisers and consumers.

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Heaven on Earth?

Not quite, but ShangriLoan is based out of beautiful Victoria, BC Canada... which is about as close as it gets.

If you have any inquiries, comments or questions, please feel free to contact us here

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